31 Май 2014

Date: 31.05.2014
Participants: Talgat, Nursultan, Diana, Aidai, Marat R.
1) visit homes and boarding schools,
2) thinking about up-coming work over movie,
3) vision of the first meeting.

Talgat Berikov: do you hear us?
marat raiymkulov: no. And you, could you hear me?
Talgat Berikov: yeaph, we hear you! … wait … just a moment…

Visiting places
The third day was devoted to visit of boarding houses – we wan to find the children as participants for filming. On the trip we were accompanied by Rice and Jyldyz, representatives from “Youth of Osh”.
During the day we were at 4 places:
1. Boarding school for the visually impaired – it’s turned up that vacation here and everyone left for the summer, but Admins said for working with video they could gather some students.
2. Boarding house «Boorukerdik» where the head teachers are ready to help us, too, to find the participants for filming;
3. Poor family lives 23 km far away from the city. Most family members visually impaired and can not find a permanent job, they could survive only at menial work. It was decided that the family be involved in carrying out activities: coking, filming, etc.
4. Inspiring place named «Lotus», functioning as a children’s home, sheltered 13 children, and there is a real family atmosphere indeed. Children are very open, curious. They inspired Nursultan to make animations with younger children and the older ones would be involved in filming.
Thinking about working on a film
Work group to make a film according to our preliminary estimates should consist of 15 people, representatives from the orphanage boarding and those who actively involved in the city life. However, the challenge for us how to work with such a large group of participants?
Talgat: for me the question is the work flow process. I’m sure that everyone has their own vision, their desire, their plot. It is important that through the film, they expressed their desires, dreams, feelings, trying to solve their problems, talked about what they think and what they want. For me it is not clear how it can be connected in one movie. So we had to sift through the ideas, but it is not equal contribution from each one. Maybe it should be taken as small work groups.
Diana: It is important not to divide, but to unite the participants — this is our idea. The idea implies the division of the groups. Maybe, we should divide the work in two phases? At the first stage group work, and the second stage jointly.

Following discussions help us to decide the principle of work groups, but each group must understand that their film — it’s part of the whole movie — for example, the end of one film may be the beginning of the other group film. It would be discussed more.
Talgat offered conduct the filming into the following steps:
1) The first stage: the «question-answer» sessions, where all participants come together and discuss what is film, basics of the plot, discuss ideas of each other.
2) The second stage: group filming.
Vision of the first meeting
The first meeting we see it in the kitchen while cooking together. Cooking process help us organise dating and socializing. During this meeting, will be finally formed a work group and discussed the estimated work flow.



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