02 Июн 2014

Date: 02.06.2014
Participants: Diana, Talgat, Marat R.

Food prices in Osh catching up the prices in Bishkek. Today, residents woke up earlier in the morning and fried potatoes with eggs. Then met with Akmaral from “Youth of Osh”. It was decided to hold the first event on June 5th at the office Youth of Osh, as there were and the kitchen and hall. From each organization, which were visited before will be invited few children as the participants to the event, and the family with visually impaired, too. During the event they all would be involved in cooking process.

About the premises, where would be held shooting film and animation developing, chosen 2-bedroom space at the same building where the office of “Youth of Osh” located. Classes on video and animation may go parallel in different rooms, and consistently in tech part, since the camera is only one. And there is a question about the transporting children, but this issue will decide later, after the event on June 5.

For better communication with children we decided to engage some activists and educators specialists working with the children with disabilities.
For us it is important to understand that this project — it’s just the beginning, not the finished stage itself. It is important to consider the project as the beginning of artistic initiatives at orphanages boarding. So that’s why for us it is very important partnership with “Youth of Osh”.

Structure of the event on June 5:
1) Joint cooking.
2) Films watching (which the subject)
3) The project presentation — why and what do we do? It is important to emphasize here that the film will be done by children independently. Supposed to work together on one movie as art piece.
4) Feast.

During the discussion we felt the lack of interaction with participants. Talgat offered to cook cookies with the texts inside, where the texts are thoughts or desires, so the food becomes the elements of interaction between the participants of the event. That’s the name of the first event, EVENTUALLY ALL THOUGHTS ARE IN PASTRIES – which is the rephrased from one of the Talgat’s story.

Marat offered to do collectively ornamented tablecloth. But decided that the best way to brew a tablecloth at the end of the project when everyone will know each other better and could share their experience on this tablecloth.
The next day, the residents have a plan to go to boarding deaf in Karasu and invitate to the event on the 5th of June.



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