30 Май 2014

Date: May 30, 2014
Participants: Talgat, Nursultan, Diana, Aidai, Marat R.

The first day in Osh was associated with the heat weather and total uncertainty. Residents had no idea which space need to work with. But, by the evening of the first day, it became clear that we will work with children with the disabilities. And as a medium, it was decided to select a video and photos. What can tell children with disabilities through videos and photos? What spirit will find videos and photos in their hands. Our vision to create for them some opportunities of self expression, using storytelling video and photos.
The second day in Osh, with the help of the Marat’s prayers, the weather stabilized and there was a fruitful meeting of Aidai, Talgat, Nursultan with Akmaral from NGO ‘Youth of Osh’. We were just lucky (or really prayers influence?) that the organization ‘Youth of Osh’ implements long-term project of creating art groups at the boarding schools (and only?) about graffiti … and media tools. It was decided to prepare a memorandum on cooperation between our organizations.
If we can plant grains of «art club», it will be a great achievement. We decided that we need to hold several meetings with children and discuss “how we would work over the movie”. By the way, do you remember that Eisenstein talked a lot about film editing, the role of rhythm and sound. This was the period when the movie integrated with the sound. In our case — what does the movie mean for the children with the hearing problems? — This is still a question. On the third day of this residence we supposed to have a trip to boarding and meet with the directors and children.

— What about the food of the residents? — asks Marat.
— We are starving, but for the sake of art! – responds Talgat.



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