DAY 1. DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! (Talk by cell phone)

29 Май 2014

Date: May 29, 2014
Participants: Talgat, Nursultan, Diana, Aidan, Marat R.
Agenda resolutions:
1. Attempt to make a film about the community directed by themselves.
2 . Try to work with the deaf community . This community faced with the communication challenges. Photos and videos may become a good media tool of this community.

Today begins residence in Osh. We plan to hold the event and to work with the local community. Unfortunately , the residence began without clear objectives and so many issued should be discussed. What do we do? What is the role of community engagement? Which space? – And more questions need to be clarified.
Marat talked about the experience of working with the community in Indonesia. There is a village In Indonesia, Dzhativangi, where almost every family is involved in various festivals. Festival there like popular holiday village , where took part even City Hall representatives.
— How much time do we have for the residence in Osh?
— A month.
— How much time does it take to Dzhativange create such movement?
— Maybe, not less than one year .

It is clear that we are very limited in time, here in Osh. At the beginning we understood 705 role as giving an impetus to the debates , but now we understood the importance to give something more to the community. It is something like learning. Such as training the movie and photo making skills.
Talgat had an idea to work with migrants . When they shoot together a feature film. And finally to show the film right on their workplaces, where friends and relatives of migrants invited as guests.
However, it was not clear which skills and tools we gave them. What skills they would acquire? If we teach the technical part of the filming, it is quite complicated and very long process, so it is better to frame the training skills of directing, script writing and actors’ art. Filming and editing we decided to undertake ourselves.
In the matter of the community we chosen to work with children.
— But how are the kids related to the community challenges and space? Unless, orphanage boarding?
— Yes, it can be a boarding school for the deaf children.

The idea to work with the deaf community seemed interesting because:
1) Deaf community faced with the communication challenges. They can be heard via video and photos mediums;
2) Conceptually, working on the film made by the deaf, we go back to the origins of cinema. Cinema began without sounds, without speech;
3) Found some sort of “art club” of films and photography at the deaf orphanage boarding.
We had tense conversation. But fortunatelly, the idea became more clear. Hope, we’ll get something worthwhile.



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